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Marie France Vidal


Marie France Vidal was born in vence in 1964, a small city where she grew up before attending schools and workshops in the capital for 16 years, she then came back to her hometown to non only spread her talent but also to discover the joys of family and motherhood.

Because of her watercolors, Marie France has made herself known in the Côte d'Azur artistic world throughout exhibits and lessons that she offers.

She's inspired by many peaceful or magnificent landscapes as well as the fragile beauty of the a flower and she shares her feelings with a touch of lightness and poetry.

She masters perfectly well the art of watercolor and therefore can play with the colors of the winter, tormented skies and the subtlety of the reflection of the same scenes in the water of a lake in the limits of the figurative.

However her creativity has evolved in the last few years making room for the discovery of new textures and new methods without abandoning her true signature: an exceptional aestheticism.

Her audacious curiosity doesn't betray us. Her most recent works makes us travel to the orient using sparkling colors, volutes and arabesques matched with pictorial patchworks or flirting with collages which preserve all their mysteries.

The path walked by this discreet artist reveals to us her passion for painting as well as her self assurance acquired in the course of the years and is, to our delight, full of promises.

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